• Matchless Luxury in Living Spaces
    Matchless Luxury in Living Spaces

    Phi is a mark of distinction in the world of interior design and living spaces. Standing for the “Golden Ratio” in Art and Architecture, Phi is an intrinsically prestigious and sophisticated brand that inspires luxury, refinement and exclusivity. It is a brand reserved for the privileged few and the elite: those who seek the very best of everything, at all times, and thrive on abundance, indulgence and leisure.

    Everything about Phi is exquisite: our impressive showroom located in the upscale AlKhayat Center III on Sultan Street, Jeddah; our high-end and internationally renowned furniture, fittings and building materials’ brands mainly sourced from Italy and France, the cradles of chic and artsy design; and the personalized one-on-one services that suit your social standing and flatter your elaborate taste.

  • Bringing You ExclusiveWorld Brands
    Bringing You ExclusiveWorld Brands

    Our portfolio boasts best-in-class brands that will fulfill your every interior need. Our selection speaks of the utmost luxury and features unique designs, so that you can finally find in the Kingdom what you’ve longsourced in the United States and Europe, whether in terms of classical or contemporary collections: Brummel (Kitchens, Wardrobes, Living Space), Hugues Chevalier (Art Déco), VGNew Trend (Italian Luxury Interiors), FabbriGroup (Home and Office Solutions), F.lli Frattini (Sanitary Fittings and Mixers), 3SC (Washbasins & Accessories), Acrila (Innovative Acrylic Furniture), and Manopoulos (Handcrafted Gifts).

  • You Deserve Bespoke Perfection
    You Deserve Bespoke Perfection

    Phi creates innovative living spaces that fit your personality, lifestyle, aspirations and preferences. No two Phi spaces are the same, because every one of you is glamorously unique.

    Our ongoing quest for perfection is constantly moved by our ultimate objective to exceed your expectations through 3 key elements: innovative creativity, unparalleled quality and flawless execution. And that’s not all. We’re treating our clientele to a first-time experience in the Kingdom by granting them exclusive access to some of the best Italian interior designers, either via internet and/or through face-to-face encounters in Europe.

  • An Avant-garde Team at Your Service
    An Avant-garde Team at Your Service

    Our team of avant-garde local and European interior architects and experts are real gurus in interior design matters and masters at sculpting inspirational spaces for the elite, combining aesthetics with functionality and comfort. They’ve toured the world in search for both, authentic and modern trends, to offer you the perfect balance between the precious and the convenient, the elegant and the edgy, the sophisticated and the posh. We thrive on bringing extravagant requests to life to create a rare gem in living spaces, worthy of the cream of the crop.

Your Preferred Exquisite Design Partner

At Phi, we master the art of bringing your spaces to life, whatever your requirement is, whether you’re:
– Seeking to furnish, extend and/or refurbish your property from apartment to palace – with access to the world’s most exclusive and widest selection of furniture, fittings and building materials’ brands
– Seeking bespoke design consultancy from some of the best designers in the world
– Seeking a-to-z, tailor-made living solutions from design to execution
– Seeking a top-notch and trustworthy partner for your luxury building material needs
– Seeking an exclusive, one-of-a-kind gift for a truly special occasion

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